Life with cheese

When omitting the Greek legend of Aristanos, who came to the Earth as a shepherd to teach the people how to produce cheese, then the story about the first cheese appearing in the goat-leather bag, in which the Arabic nomads transported the milk, is more credible. In any case, first mentions of the cheese production originate in the immemorial period of Sumer and both, Bible and Homer act as a witness. Inhabitants of the imperial Rome had already known at least dozen kinds of cheese and favoured importing cheese of foreign origin. We can speak about a real technology in this period, as exact production methods already existed along with ripening methods and methods of storing and smoking. After the medieval decrease of demand had cheese experienced its real renaissance in the 19th century, above all in countries with large areas of pasture land and herds – in Switzerland, in the Netherlands, France and Italy.

There are documented reports about the cattle breeding and milk processing in the northern part of the Záhorie region. Documents are connected with important names, such as the tenant of royal possessions baron Puthon, founder of the first cooperative farm in Europe Samuel Jurkovič, educated patriot and founder of the model cattle-breeding community Pavol Blaho, or his nephew and tireless propagator of cow breeding and milk processing MUDr. Pavol Blaho.

Based on traditions and the need for healthy nutrition was in the year 1951 built the dairy plant. After six decades of continual growth of our knowledge and improving the production is part of our production exported to the Asian Near East, where was the cheese born thousands of years ago. The circle has been closed, but we are still continuing.

Život so syrom


Above the countryside of Záhorie, flat as a palm of hand, rises a small hill that gave name to a big cheese – Havran.
Rich pasture is in bodies of healthy cows transformed into outstanding milk with the taste of this country.
From wide surroundings, riding on the roads surrounded by fields, deliver the cistern cars fresh milk to be processed by us.
Perfect hygiene and technologies accompany the process of changing the milk into cheese with excellent qualities.
After millenniums of traditional production has the production of cheese turned into a scientifically controlled process, being under constant control.
Many kinds of cheese have come to the world – thanks to tradition and knowledge, or by accident. We are staying loyal to the Edam brick cheese with an outstanding quality.
Character of cheese is changing in the course of time as the cheese matures. Finally, it reaches the point where we meet as friends by the good wine.
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