Cheese with the taste of home

Countryside of the Northern Záhorie is carved from the land by the line of the river Morava and foothills of the Small and White Carpathians. From the surface, slightly wavy as a tablecloth set on a table, rises above the country only 542 metres high hill Havran, that provides a view over the pasturelands and fields in all directions. This is the country we are bringing to your table, because its rich pasture turns in bodies of healthy cows into outstanding milk. Using modern technologies, we produce traditional cheese from Záhorie named after the hill above our heads. We are at the top of the food pyramid.

Cheese from Záhorie Havran is our quality label, which embodies our ideas about the path we want to follow. We are aware of the importance of the label for the identity of our cheese and this label is therefore consistently protected. Havran ripened, smoked, steamed and „half-oštiepok“ has been with big success introduced to the public on the world premiere during the International food exhibition SIAL 2010 in Paris. Cheese with the taste of our home has started to tell the story about its future.

Syr Havran


Above the countryside of Záhorie, flat as a palm of hand, rises a small hill that gave name to a big cheese – Havran.
Rich pasture is in bodies of healthy cows transformed into outstanding milk with the taste of this country.
From wide surroundings, riding on the roads surrounded by fields, deliver the cistern cars fresh milk to be processed by us.
Perfect hygiene and technologies accompany the process of changing the milk into cheese with excellent qualities.
After millenniums of traditional production has the production of cheese turned into a scientifically controlled process, being under constant control.
Many kinds of cheese have come to the world – thanks to tradition and knowledge, or by accident. We are staying loyal to the Edam brick cheese with an outstanding quality.
Character of cheese is changing in the course of time as the cheese matures. Finally, it reaches the point where we meet as friends by the good wine.
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